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Rural Development

Situation Analysis and Preparation of Strategy for development, Mandvi Block, Kutch District, Gujarat.

Tata Powers had implemented a power project in the Kutch district of Gujarat and this had an impact on the villages in Mandvi block. Majority of population in these villages comprised of fishermen community and it was anticipated that the power plant was likely to have an impact on their lives.

To address this issue and to determine its CSR interventions, TATA powers engaged the services of TRIOs to undertake a situation analysis of the area and to develop a strategy for the CSR interventions.

Following processes were undertaken to carry out the assignment;

  • Situation analysis in project area
  • Need assessment
  • Development of CSR Plan

The participatory approach was adopted to carry out the assignment. The checklist for consultative process and FGDs with community and key stakeholders was also developed.

TRIOs was able to come up with a comprehensive CSR intervention strategies for the villages of Mandvi block of Kutch district, Gujarat to be implemented by TATA Powers.