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Research and Evaluation

TRIOs  provides a range of research skills to find practical answers to issues. We work across multi-sector boundaries and draw on a range of methods and approaches.

TRIOs undertakes

  • Research Studies using quantitative (LQAS, Large scale sample surveys, including anthropometric studies) and qualitative methods (PRA, ethnographic, observational studies, vignettes, mystery clients and diagnostic approaches, tracking studies, formative research) to find answers to pressing practical and policy questions.
  • Operations Research
  • Piloting of innovative research methods
  • Surveys including baseline, mid and endline surveys using manual as well as CAPI techniques. Our surveys provide feedback for reflection to make mid-course adjustments or cumulative picture of the outcome of the interventions.
  • Impact Assessment Studies to measure the changes and carefully assess the attribution to assess the impact
  • Market Survey and Consumer Research- provides services related to product testing, branding, customer satisfaction and auditing.
  • Researching & documenting best practices.

Key Assignments

  • TRIOs is the Indian research partner of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) to collaboratively undertake quantitative (Beneficiary Survey and Costing Study) and qualitative research (Case Studies and Impact Evaluation) using Ethnographic and observational methods on maternal healthcare social franchise services(2015-16)
  • TRIOs undertook one of the largest sample surveys – concurrent monitoring and endline evaluation of Bihar’s DFID supported SWASTH programme on health, WATSAN and nutrition services in all 38 districts, covering 345,000 respondents from 140,000 households, using CAPI technique and devices. It included anthropometric measurements of 42,000 children of 0-5 years of age. (2015-16)