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Research & Evaluation

Perception of Service providers, Community Volunteers (ASHAs) and Acceptors on Implementation of injectable Contraceptive (Antara) in selected States of India-Population Foundation of India

The Assessment will cover selected districts of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh with the following objectives;

❖ To understand the underlying factors that motivates users to access injectable contraceptives and continue its usage.
❖ To find the reasons for drop-outs for subsequent dosages of injectable contraceptives.
❖ To understand the providers perspective about their views on Injectable Contraceptive and what has worked well in the rolling out process.
❖ To understand the providers perspective on the current needs and challenges in the roll-out of injectable contraceptives including follow-up.

The proposed approach for the study will be focused on quantitative and qualitative study backed with extensive meta-analysis of previous evaluation studies and monitoring reports produced by the government (central, state, government agencies, etc.) and by non-government agencies (think tanks, academia, international development agencies). In addition, relevant M & E/ HMIS data of NHM in respective state government and reports would be reviewed.

Quantitative Survey: In order to realize the objectives of study and information on key performance indicators, semi-structured tools will be used. It is suggested to conduct quantitative survey with target respondents viz. ❖ Current Users/Clients (interview) at different levels ❖ Drop out/Discontinued Clients at different levels

Qualitative Assessment: Qualitative assessment would be conducted through In depth Interviews (IDIs) with ❖ Service Providers at each facility*– Program Managers, Doctors, & Nurses ❖ Community Health Volunteers (ASHAs).