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Capacity Development, Health and Nutrition

Capacity Building of Supervisory staff on Revised Childhood Diarrhoea Managment in Gujarat, Bihar and Chattisgarh

MI was the first to implement a demonstration project to promote the use of Zinc and ORS for the management of childhood diarrhoea in Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Bihar in 2009. This early project provided several lessons for scale-up initiatives in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh  and Gujarat, all of which led to increase in Zinc and ORS usage. Consequently, MI plans to support the state governments in implementation of their diarrhoea management program and would be conducting capacity building of healthcare service providers in public sector which is a key component of the program.

It is proposed to undertake the training of block level healthcare personnel in  these states and the assignment is to train a health and ICDS  personnel  of selected districts and block levels. TRIOs has undertaken these large scale training and successfully completed with a coverage of around 95%.